Music for Quiet Studying

I listen to this music everyday with my students. They love having it on when they are doing independent reading and writing. The music soothes and the rule is, if we can't hear the music there's too much loud talking going on which helps them regulate the volume of their small group interactions. To buy Music for...Quiet Studying, just click on the left image to the Amazon link.

The 99 Most Essential Relaxing Classics (Amazon Exclusive)

Even if you are not a classical music fan but enjoy it on occasion as I do, don't miss this album for only pennies per title. There is over 9 hours of play on this album. I find this album great for relaxing, or background music. It does not get boring as some of the other classical albums that only feature one composer or orchestra. This album has a vast variety of world renowned composers and orchestras. Some of the titles and orchestras are easily recognizable and some are not.

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